Mah-Jong for Psion !
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    JongJong 32                                                                          

Choosing language, level and sound

Selecting an opponent ...

Selecting the chow you want to build ...

Playing and winning !

Winning again with some reactions !

Changing opponent when the previous lost ....

JongJong is avery special kind of MahJong because there are many hidden options .... like striptease of the opponents !!! You have to discover this by yourself .... because there are no obvious ways to discover it ....
The game can be very boring because when your opponent begins to win he (she) can make astonishing combinations like 4 pungs of winds and so on !!!!! Useless to say that you'll loose a big amount of points if this append !
Nevertheless the game is filling with enthusiasm because of the sounds ... it's always better to play with spoken animations !
If you succeed to win again and again you'll be able to see what managa asian charm is meaning.
No way to play with seasons and flowers .... and bad news; Artifical Intelligency is very poorly managed ....

Kind of MJ : chinese traditional
Playability : 9
Graphics : 8
Animation : 9
Options : 7
Score : 33/40

    Mah Jong                                             

Choosing the kind of game and your opponents

When you win !

When you loose ....

Calculation details of the hands

There is a screen where you can check discarded tiles

The best MahJong game for your Psion ..... many options, but poor graphics (non optimised grey level graphics .... a pity)
Virtually no sound but very good layout of the screen and tiles ..... you even can see the flowers and seasons !!!
I have played thousand hours on this game ..... until the screen ribbon of my 5mx was broken .... today I've repaired this problem and continue to prefer this mahjong to the mahjongs I have on my Sony Clié !
That's all I can say.

Kind of MJ : chinese traditional
Playability : 9
Graphics : 6
Animation : not available
Options : 8
Score : 23/30

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